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Sutlers Row

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Kit Outfitters

The Discriminating General ~Military Heritage, Weapons, accessories and Uniforms Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. Helping historical reenactors, movie makers, theatrical companies, pirates, and regular folk find authentic reproduction clothing and accessories appropriate for 1750 to 1840 - especially the American Revolutionary War and War of 1812.
Smoke and Fire Company ~Providing Goods for Living History Re-enactors. Catalog of Colonial, Scottish, and Medieval Clothing, Patterns, Books, Historic Camp Gear, Period Accoutrements. Publishing the Smoke and Fire News - the Monthly Newspaper with the Best Listing of Living History Events. Middlesex Village Trading Companie ~Middlesex Village Trading Co sells and repairs over 40 fully functional replicas of historic matchlock, flintlock, and caplock pistols and muskets.
Alter Years ~AlterYears for the Costumer offers historical, ethnic dance and specialty patterns, a vast collection of hard to find costume books, supplies and underpinnings. McFarthingbowls Re-enactment Supplies ~Our company is based in Belgium, but during the year we visit events and markets, so there might be a possibility to deliver your order to you in person. We hope to meet you there.
Smoking Iron Alterations ~Alterations and tailoring for men, women and children. Also period uniforms, civilian clothing, accessories and equipment for reenactors, museums, etc. Fall Creek Suttlery ~We have been in the Sutler business for Thirty Three Years supplying Civil War Reenactors, Living Historians, Museums, Movie productions and Victorian Era Buffs with high quality reproduction goods to make their impressions complete. We manufacture a large percentage of the goods we sell right here in Indiana, therefore the quality is kept to the highest standards.
Loyalist Arms and Repairs ~We supply weapons, armor, clothing and accessories of all types from the Roman Period to the late 19th Century. Purveyers of fine goods to museums, movie industry, theater, re-enactors, hunters, and collectors. G.Gedney Godwin, Inc. - The Sutler of Mt. Misery ~A complete line of items useful to the military man; such as muskets, bayonets, leather goods, uniforms, cocked hats, diverse sorts of brazen sundries, etc., all done in the neatest manner.
La Ripaille ~Belgian sutler carrying French uniforms and general reenacting goods. Includes a used items for sale section. Armes Napoleoniennes ~Weapons, reproduction firearms et historical weapons, collections du Premier Empire. Casques, cuirasse, sabres, epees, shakos, colback, shapskas, mousquets, mousquetons, pistolets, uniformes, etc.
Spencers Mercantile ~Fine quality historical reproduction goods. Classes and workshops in period arts, 1740 to 1820, including items for the French and Indian War, the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Regency A Stitch In Time ~We are specialists in the reproduction of Napoleonic uniforms and accessories with a high respect for history and the processes used during that era.
Historische Marketenderei ~The event vendor's online store. C & D Jarnagin Sutler ~Quality Civil War uniforms and civilian clothing, French and Indian War Uniforms, Revolutionary War Uniforms, War of 1812 Uniforms, Mexican War Uniforms, shoes, leather goods, tin, etc. for Men 1750-1865.
Corps Sutler ~MilItary uniforms off-the-rack for reenactors, hire and supply for film, television and event productions. Well-researched and accurate historical reproductions. Coghlin & Upton, Inc ~Historical Military Clothing, Hardware, Regalia, Sundries, Weapons and Armour, 1812.

Specialty Shops

Nehelenia Patterns ~German company with English site, authentic historical patterns, sewing accessories, costume material, corsets, hats, handworking tools, knitting, lace and needlework materials, personal costume accessories, historical games and toys, etc. . Kannik's Korner ~Historic Patterns and Related Books, Cross Stitch Kits and Patterns and Toy Theater.
A Stitch Out Of Time Patterns ~Patterns for French uniforms, accessories and kit items. Toad Shakos ~Toad Shakos make and supply replica British/Napoleonic Shakos, Belgic, Stovepipe and those worn by the 95th Rifles. So here you'll find Shakos like those worn by Richard Sharpe and the 'chosen men'! We carry a small stock of Belgic and Stovepipe shakos, but most will be made to your size and requirements.
The Merchant Venturers ~ the largest selection of historical glass outside the Czech Republic!. All the glass we offer are copies of originals, all authenticated and all hand blown. Tentsmiths ~Makers of authentic period tents. From the Viking era through the Middle Ages and now World War II we have researched and built strong, long lasting historic tents that set the stage and cover the fields at all historic events in this country and around the world.
Westminster Forge ~Colonial Reproductions of Copper Ware. WMF is also a distributor for Tentsmiths, and will take orders for Tentsmiths' products at any time. Najecki's American Revolutionary War Reproductions ~Traditional leatherwork, shoe and boot fabrication and repair, cast buttons and buckles, hat blocking, sewing, and correct materials.
Wm. Booth, Draper ~Linen and Woolen Draper, Haberdasher &c. Clothing of ordinary 18th century people. Britain's largest collection of everyday 18th century textiles 19th Century Tailoring ~Welcome to my new website which is replacing The Sutlers Stores site, most of you will know me from my 11 years of researching, replicating, designing and making replica uniforms and costumes for the Sutlers Stores; which as we all know is sadly no longer with us.
Andy Burke - Historical Shoemaker ~A shoemaker specialising in footwear for use in re-enactment, theatre, historical display, live roll play and what ever else you can think of! I also make bespoke modern and weddings shoes. Koopwaer ~We speak the period 1790-1815. Hosted by Second Northern Dutch Battalion Grenadier Company, Grenadier Francis van der Weegen offers unique items, accumulated during the winter months by swapping, buying and looting from battlefields.
Christina Dettmers Historical Clothing Emporium ~Specializing in fashions from 1500 to 1920s, period bridal gowns, corsetry and accessories. We supply the finest historical garments meeting highest standards of authenticity for reenactors, film productions, weddings, museums, theatres and private individuals. Dressing History ~Dressing History provide accurate historical fashion reproductions, engaging historical interpretation, reproduction accessories for sale and a series of talks. With an emphasis on quality and historical accuracy, we are able to provide a reliable resource for dress historians, re-enactors, museums and the heritage industry.
Foxblade Trading ~Manufacturers and suppliers of quality Leatherwork and supplies for Re-enactors, museums, and TV/film. G.J.Garner & Son ~Wheelwrigts & Coachbuilders. A small family owned company doing business since 1977 and have done work for a large variety of customers including the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Horse Artillery and the National Motor Museum Beaulieu.
Kochan and Phillips ~Kochan & Phillips Historical Textiles. Historic research sources for woollens, worsted cloth, textiles, fabrics, re-enactment costumes for soldiers, Napoleonic, Revolutionary War, Civil War, for use by Tailors, costume makers, conservators. Kitty Hats ~Period hats and woolcraft. Whether you want a hat for historical re-enactment, museum display or play/film production or just because you like hats - we make hats.
The Staymaker ~Period clothing and corsetry for the modern woman. Based on museum originals with new research and styles being added each year. Darcy Clothing ~Darcy Clothing supplies accurate replicas of mens period clothing, largely made specially for us & taken directly from original garments to ensure authenticity.
P.C.E Leatherworks ~Top of the line leather military heritage products for collectors, re-enactors and museums. We specialize in custom-made Military replicas during the American Revolution, The war of 1812, and the Civil War. Het Atelier van Toen ~Specializes in clothing for re-enactment and living history. In our re-enactment clothing are no machine stitching visible and we pay great attention to visible hand stitched finishes. Upon request we make our products completely by hand, as much as possible in the medieval manner.
Studio Zilverlinde ~A workshop where jewels are made of silver and gold using traditional methods. Polderkol ~Herbalists. Medicinal and culinary herbal products and personal hygiene natural products. Ointments, teas, flaxseed and herbal pillows, oils, bath salts, clay and loam.
Farthingale Costumes ~Costumes from all eras and all styles, please be aware that there is very little on the site compared to what we can actually produce for you so if you don't see what you're looking for then please contact us with any questions or requests. Empire Costume ~Supplier of French historical garments, from the simple to the most sumptuous uniforms of 1st and 2nd Empire.
SJ-Seamstress ~Authentic reproductions of historical clothing for Re-Enactors, Historical Enthusiasts and Museums. Some of my work has even appeared on television. I also undertake special commissions and repair costumes and adjust any items to meet your own individual requirements. Wollstoff ~Fabrics and yarns made from natural materials, weaving supplies, storage equipment, utensils for making shields, natural dyes, and more.
Arts & Metiers ~Supplier of fine historical garments. For discerning private clients and institutions I create historical garments of various eras for Ladies and Gentlemen, as well as the appropriate underclothes. I specialise in historical maternity wear and nursing dress, baby layettes, children's clothes and ladies' caps, especially of the 18th and early 19th century. Timeless Trends~Corset Store by Timeless Trends. Affordable, superior quality, tight-lacing corsets constructed of the finest fabrics available.
Map Crafts~MAP Crafts, the legend in manufacturing and exporters of all sorts of Historical Reproduction Clothing and Accessories, American Civil War Reproduction Products, Medieval & Musketeer Shoes/Boots, World War 1 & 2, Indian War, Spanish War & Militaria Reproduction Goods. Budiana Embroidery~Hand and machine embroiderd badges, emblems, patches, rank, insignia, sashes, crests, flags, banners , uniform accessories and accouterments, military trimming, braids, and fringes.
Reliable Trading Co.~ Manufacturers & Exporters of all kinds of hand/machine embroidery badges, military uniform accessories, Civil War products and Leather Gloves from Sialkot Pakistan, established in 1975. Old Time Patterns~Historical fashions of all eras, including a selection of the most popular and period-correct patterns available and custom Old Time Clothing. One place to purchase all the needed patterns for an impression, but also to inform customers about authenticity.
Paragon Sports~Manufacture of handmade gold & silver bullion wire badges, emblems, crests, including military insignias, club & association badges, regimental badges, crests,Masonic regalia, raps & hats, uniform embroideries and uutfits, banners, flags, pennants & uniform accessories. Top Crown Trading~Manufacturer and exporter of quality aiguilletes, cap cords, whistle cords & lanyards, sashes, shoulders, braids, sword knots, berets & feather hackles, badges, tassels , dress & banner cords, caps & peaks , crest & flags.
Sense and Sensibility Clothing and Patterns ~Historical fashion patterns for ladies of all ages. Georgian, Regency, Edwardian, 1940s and 1950s styles, and sewing tools. Online classes, sewing tips and tutorials. Livonia Smithery ~T.W. Moran, Proprietor Custom Metal Smithing. Working in silver, copper, pewter, brass and iron, each item is custom-made to the customer's specifications.
Tentsmiths ~Makers of authentic historical period tents. Cyrus Wakefield, Inc. ~Unique period sweets. Sponsor for various reenacting specialty vendors.
J. Henderson Artifacts ~Artifacts recreates mugs, jugs, bottles, jars, chamber pots, candle-holders, lanterns, inkwells, pitchers, pots, bowls, pie-birds, dolls, trenchers, plates, churns, and more. Sullivan Press ~Extensive collection of reproduction books, documents, and stationery, featured in historic sites, movies and television productions, and in the personal collections of thousands of reenactors.
Swamp Fox Knives ~High-quality custom reproductions of hand-forged knives of many styles. Forged with high-carbon steel with the intent of being usable hunting knives...not wall hangers. Linda's Early Fashions~A well-established seamstress that has served the re-enactment community for many years. Fine quality, hand-stitched, and historically-accurate period clothing, featured in Niagara Life Magazine.
Sew Historic~Historical Garments and Accoutrements for Men. Specializing in the uniforms and accoutrements of the Canadian and British enlisted man during the Napoleonic Era and War of 1812. W.H. Baskets~Handcrafted baskets, basket-making supplies and kits, classes, patterns, and tools.
A.J. Deering Leatherwork~Historical Leather Accessories, Accoutrements and Headwear, handmade to order. Specializing in the uniforms and accoutrements of the Napoleonic Era. Other time period pieces done on request.


Track Of The Wolf, Inc. ~Gun Kits, Parts, Books, Rendezvous & Re-Enactment Gear & Primitive American Accessories. Celebrating 39 years. Dixie Gun Works, Inc. ~Dixie Gun Works muzzleloading, blackpowder and rare antique gun supplier. Offering parts, kits, books, videos, flags, camp tents, shooting supplies, cannons and cutlery.
Loyalist Arms and Repairs, Ltd. ~Specializes in historical military reproductions of the highest accuracy and quality. We do however, supply many other historical items and are constantly expanding our product lines as demand increases. Davide Pedersoli ~Italian historical full-functioning black powder firearms and fine-crafted hunting arms.


Hussar Saddlery. ~Supplying quality leather products to the 18th and 19th Century Reenacting community. Specializing in handcrafted goods for the horseman, soldier, and civilian. Unique items carefully researched and reproduced from 1750-1815

Books, Magazines, Blogs and Research

Paul Meekins Military & History Books ~Secondhand, Out of Print, New & Reduced Price Books. Skirmish ~Skirmish Magazine is the world’s leading multi-period historical re-enactment and living history magazine. Brought to you by a dedicated team for re-enactors, living historians and history enthusiasts around the world, we cover all periods in world history covering the last 3000 years.
English Grammar ~English Grammar, an online proofreading tool and grammar checking with integrated learning: simply because the fundamental rules of English grammar never change, and the importance of proofreading to ensure your writing is grammatically correct will always be of the utmost importance. Cavalry Tales ~In the early years of the 19th century, historians would have us believe that British Dragoons were an untrained and uncontrollable rabble – a liability wherever they were posted. In the Duke of Wellington’s words, merely ‘galloping at everything.’ And perhaps that view of the cavalry is true. Or… maybe not.

Give Us A Tune

Oscar Brand's Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads ~Where to get just what the name implies. Site is an archive of traditional drinking songs, toasts, a study of folklore found in the drinking context -- much of which is bawdy. John Tams ~Award-winning British folk singer and songwriter with a career spanning four decades in every medium. One of the quiet heroes of the British Folk Music revolution.
Norcsalordie ~British Folk Music with contemporary influences and a desire to make the music accessible and entertaining to young and old. Saor Patrol ~Bringing back from the past a unique sound of Scotland into the 21st century, launching their audience into the tribal, turbulent era of times long gone.
Corvus Corax ~German band known for playing medieval music using an abundance of authentic instruments.Their live performances attract attention with the bizarre look of the musicians being reminiscent of ancient Greek myths: half-naked, dressed in unusual clothes, wearing primitive tribal decorations, often tattooed. Ship's Company Chantey Hymnal ~A production of Ship's Company, a living history organization dedicated to the preservation of the American maritime heritage. We interpret many aspects of maritime life between 1775 and 1865. Interpretations include both Sailors (Navy and civilian) and Marines.

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